Out of the Blue

I was hiking in Sedona yesterday, wishing I had some company, when out of nowhere, two girls on dirt bikes pulled up next to me and asked me who's my favorite movie star. I said Marlon Brando. They didn't know who that was. They asked if they could ride along with me as I hiked. I said yes. They felt like angels to me.

Mostly they asked if I'd seen certain movies they'd seen. That was okay by me since I love movies. We got to the top of a huge rock called Chicken Point. We sat down and they shared licorice with me. We took each others pictures.

Then we went back down the hill. They got ahead and stopped now and then to check in with me. But soon they disappeared and I wished I got to say goodbye to them. When I got to the end of the trail, I happily found this note they left for me.

Thanks for reading about my adventures on the vision quest. I like sharing the insights and experiences with you. Most of the time I write blog posts about my experiences with clients on clutter busts. I enjoy sharing those insights. On some level there's a similarity to both for me. There's an openness in clutter busting and in the vision quest that allows intuition and beautiful experiences to occur.