Quiet Listening

When we clutter bust, we are cultivating quiet listening. We are attuning our intuitive ear. When we hold an item and question it's current value in our lives, we are listening for clues on a very fine level within us.

There's a quiet part within that responds. It could be a bright, uplifting feeling for a yes. It can be a tired or sick sensation for no. Perhaps there's a simple sense of openness that points to value. Maybe we experience a bunch of chaotic thoughts for a no. There's no one indicator. Each one of us is different and will have various and contrasting answers. The main thing is, listening for the simple answer.

I was working with a client who used plenty of strong words to tell me why she needed to keep a collection of her journals from way back. It felt like the words were a barbed wire fence to keep the inquiry out and also to distract her from hearing the answer. I wanted to help her slip past her security system and listen to her heart.

So I had her take out a journal, open it up, and begin reading it to herself. She was resistant and I kindly encouraged her. After a minute, she stopped reading and said, "This isn't making me feel good." I told her she heard the simple answer. The presence of this thing is not supporting her.

I opened another journal and handed it to her. She read from the journal. She said, "It's making me sad. I wrote this during a hard time in my life. But that's not how I'm feeling now." I said those are the indicators that matter. In the past these journals were a yes, but now the answers she was getting were no. She received these insights by listening on a deeper level.