Things Change

Today was my first full day of the vision quest. I woke up with my business mind and thought, "Okay, let's figure out everything today so I can enjoy the rest of my two weeks in Arizona." But while eating breakfast, I intuitively thought, "I don't control the vision quest, it controls me.

So I went for a leisurely hike this morning and was met by a hawk. It landed in a tree right next to where I was walking. The hawk sat on a branch and watched me. I stopped and watched the hawk. Neither of us went anywhere for a few minutes. I felt the hawk encourage me to move forward in my life more dynamically. I saw an image of my new book and it was alive with muscles and a big pumping heart!

Further on the hike I looked up and saw a ring around the sun. That was a first for me. Then the amazingly red dirt of Sedona made me feel like I was on Mars. A little while later, I ended up sitting in an area that a map called a Vortex. It's supposed to be an area with transformative energy. Out of the corner of my eye, I kept seeing things approach me and then when I looked over, nothing was there. That happened around ten times and was highly entertaining.

I got an image of how life assembles us throughout our lives. We are constantly under construction. Things seem a certain way, then lo and behold, old structures are torn down and new ones are built. It was encouraging to me because I thought, "Well, if I feel stuck one moment, there will be another moment coming where I don't feel that way anymore."

I thought about a client I worked with last week who told me that through most of her life she was compulsively purchasing things and her life was out of control. But then a few weeks ago, she heard that Borders was having a 50% off sale and she got in her car and drove and got half way there and thought, "Wait, what the hell am I doing?" She turned around and went back home. Things change.