Done With Being Bullied

I was visiting a friend yesterday and he told me, "I got tired of going in my closet everyday and seeing clothes I bought and wasn't wearing. So I decided to let them go. While I packed them up for the charity, I thought, 'oh, man, I spent all that money,' but the great thing is afterwords I didn't think about those clothes anymore."

There's a point though where our attachment for stuff becomes too uncomfortable and we let it go. That's why I like to point out the pain these things are causing to help speed up the process. We can get used to pain and it becomes a background sensation. But I encourage you to bring it to your forefront. "Wow, I can't believe how much this stuff is depleting me! I don't like this feeling."

One of my recent clients was standing in front of two huge Ikea storage racks in her hallway. At first these storage racks looked like they were bullying her. "This is our home!" But then she got courageous and said, "I hate these things!" She hadn't look through the stuff on the racks for years. So she took a look and it all went. Including the racks.