Waking Up

I want to share a beautiful comment someone left on this blog. It's a good description of the realization of being buried alive under clutter, and getting a strong sense of not wanting to live that way anymore. It's about being inspired to take care of ourselves.

"I realised that I wasn't even treating my body AS GOOD AS an instrument. If I owned an instrument and wanted good music..I would care deeply for it, polish it keep it dry etc etc..instead I have been treating myself like a disposable plate .. piled high with junk dried and stuck ready to throw out when i got round to it. No wonder I find it hard to think or take seriously all the changes i try. NOW I am a Stradivarius violin, I'm going to last a very long time and be more and more cherished by myself and others as I age. Thank you for bringing this realization to the front of my awareness. I will remember who I am with each decision of clutter around and in me.