What the Desert Told Me

I was in Joshua Tree National Park for my vision quest, hiking amongst the big rocks in the desert, and looked up and saw an X in the sky and thought, "This would be a good place to sit and meditate."

I closed my eyes and felt the vitality of this place. It was a friendly reminder to me that my environment is a living thing and life's a lot simpler when my surroundings are treated with that understanding. Afterwards I got up and looked around at the rocks. I found one that had a face carved in it by the wind.

Then I found a cracked open gourd. It looked like a hatched egg. Its stem looked like an umbilical chord. I thought about how things are always changing, and essentially being reborn. Sometimes I don't notice things are no longer like they used to be and it can make life difficult. When I recognize that things have shifted into something new, it helps when I'm able to adjust to the changes in a way that suits me.