Which Way?

Which way to go? Our minds spend a lot of time thinking about what's the best choice. Which thing is going to help me, which one is going to hurt me? If we spend too much time thinking about what's best, our minds get bloated and confused. And any anxiety about making the wrong decision adds pressure and distorts the big picture.

So, when it becomes too much for us to decide, there's plenty of "authorities" out there who will tell us what's right or wrong. They speak with conviction about their perspective and they often contradict each other. They sometimes even contradict themselves. This leaves us in greater confusion.

I'm at the end of my vision quest. I went into this trip with some questions about which direction to take my life. But it soon became apparent that specific yes and no answers wouldn't be revealed. What became obvious to me was the specialness of things as they are. It wasn't investigating the good or bad things, but seeing life. It was the over thinking about life, with fear as fuel, that brought about confusion in the first place.

Our world encourages over thinking. There's so much information out there. Our minds get super stimulated. I think it gives us an Adrenalin rush, which feels like energy, at the same time it exhausts and weakens us. I find it creates clutter because the fluttering of too many thoughts makes it hard to have clarity.

When things are simpler, when the dwelling and agonizing fall away, life often has a way of working out that is supportive. Without the chaotic thinking, my life has a chance to shape itself in a way that takes care of me.