Becoming Close With Our Space

Our home is a living thing. It has presence and a pulse. We think of our homes as inanimate. Walls, ceilings, floors and the stuff sitting within. But it's alive.

When we begin to see our places as a living, changing, and growing entity, we open our relationship to our space. We begin to see its personality. We want to become closer. We start to take better care of our homes.

I talk about homes having life because I experience that. When I come to a client's home, it feels like the space is sick. It's heavy and sluggish. There's an underlying sadness because the space has been ignored. But when the client starts to question the things in their homes, there's a definite sense of the space coming back to life. That vitality feeds the client. It encourages the person to look and let go.

It's worth taking the time to sit within your space and listen for its pulse. Feel it's breath. Sense the life within it. Everything likes attention. It's good to feel wanted and cared for. When we begin to recognize the specialness in our space, it begins to recognize the same in us. Relationships need nurturing. It can start with us today.