Cease Fire

Our mind wrestles with the things that are no longer a part of our lives. The wrestling is the intellectualizing of why we need to hang onto something versus the part of us that intuitively knows this thing doesn't fit our life anymore.

These clutter wars are fought in our hearts and minds. And they use up our resources.

What brings a cease fire is clearly recognizing the toll living like this takes on us. How important can something be that abuses you in this way?

One of my recent clients seemed comatose. There was a dullness in her eyes and spirit. It was the personification of giving up. She explained that she couldn't stand living amongst all her crap, and at the same time she didn't want to let things go.

I said she's been supporting a clutter war in her home that she can longer afford to wage. I pointed out how tired and defeated she was. Nothing in her home was worth the cost of her life force. She didn't say anything. I think it's hard to argue the loss of your vitality.

She asked what she should do? I said the armistice is accepting that the toll isn't worth the effort. The best thing she could do for herself is honestly look at each thing in her home and decided if it's giving or taking away her energy. I said, "Think of the stuff that you love as your friends, and the things that make you tired as your enemies. Life is better with friends."

We began the process.