We're sensitive beings. We feel everything. Sometimes it's too much and we create a buffer from the world with our clutter. But then we hurt more because we cut off our connection with the world.

It helps to see the mechanics of what's going on. "Wow, I'm creating a fortress around myself with my things. But it's stale and sad in here without the flow of life. What do I do?"

We see that the presence of the clutter walls don't help us feel better. So brick by brick, thing by thing, we dismantle. It feels good to let these old things go.

As the buffer goes, we become more in touch with our feelings and we learn how to take better care of ourselves out in the world. We start know when to rest, when to say no, when to let something go that's no longer serving us, when to treat ourselves, when to say yes, when to say what we're feeling, when to start something new.

We no longer need to hide behind and amidst our stuff. We can be alive in the world and take care of ourselves.


To celebrate and inspire spring cleaning, I'm offering a special incentive to help you let go. For the rest of the month of May, I'm offering my phone clutter busting services for $50 an hour. They're usually $85 an hour. Take action now to clear your space. Email me at brooks@clutterbusting.com to set up a session.