Finding Our Voice

"how do i find time to hear my own voice above all the daily madness of life?"

Our voice is loud. But our attention goes to the things where we place more value. These are: what others think is important, and the stuff that distracts us from the pain of living this way.

It's not our fault for getting involved and tangled up in the daily madness. We're taught to live like this and not question the mechanics of how it happens. But the pain that comes from this style of living can be the antidote. When the pain becomes a big enough red flag, our grip on living this way begins to loosen.

I was working with a client recently who lived in fear of all the possible world disasters that could befall her. She had the newspapers and magazines to back up her belief. She wasn't even rereading this material. The presence of piles of this stuff kept her on mental anxiety guard.

I said living this way was like a decay that was spreading through her body and mind. The constant fear in her made her look jagged and worn out. It was as if there was a constant police alarm going off in her body.

My client said she didn't know how to turn off the discord and harshness she felt. I said she didn't have too. The noise she was hearing was her own voice. It was her body and mind's reaction to living under this stress. It had been going on for so long, that she forgot it was her.

She saw what was happening and her compassion rose to the surface. She stuffed the newspapers and magazines in recycling bags.

Our bodies and minds are great indicators of what's going on for us. They are our voice and tell us when we are in pain. We have a built in compassion to take care of ourselves. It's okay to use that function. Following where the compassion takes us, leads us to relief and peace of mind.