In a Good Place

My client looked haggard when I showed up. I could tell her mind had been wearing her down. There's a self-loathing that often accompanies a person when they are stuck. Not only are they stuck, but there's a voice that loudly and meanly blames them for being in the situation. It never helps them get unstuck though.

So the first thing I did was have my client drink some water. I could tell she was dehydrated. But also, it's a compassionate act to get oneself a glass of water. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. She got the glass of water but didn't drink it. So I asked her to drink. When she did, her breathing slowed. She was putting out the mental fire.

She told me how there was so much stuff that she didn't know where to start. I said that's the easy part because it doesn't matter where. It's the starting that moves the clutter busting forward.

I had her choose. She picked the kitchen table. Stacks of various papers had taken over the table. We sat down at the table. I thanked her for preparing such a delicious meal. She laughed and said that it had been stewing in the slow cooker for months. She was in a good place for the clutter busting.