Many Ways to Let Go

There's no perfect one way to let go of clutter.

Sometimes it's noticing that you feel uncomfortable in your home. Suddenly you are aware that there are things in your home or life that are hurting you in some way. It's a letting go of living numb to your surroundings.

Other times you notice one thing in particular has outlived its purpose in your life and you can't get rid of it fast enough, and you toss or donate it that day.

Then there are times when you've been aware for a while that you've been living under the thumb of clutter, and that it's been dragging you down, and you decide to set aside the time to go through your things. You meticulously go through your things deciding, "Do I love this, or can I let it go? Is this serving me, or not?"

Maybe you can't find something in the over-abundance of things in your home, and you get frustrated, and think that you don't like living this way anymore, and you want to do something about it.

Perhaps one day you wake up inspired and think, "Today I'm going to clutter bust my closet!" Your enthusiasm carries you through each piece of clothing in your closet.

Or maybe the Universe assists in the clutter busting and something you've felt stuck about, breaks, tears, gets lost or stolen, or is destroyed by the elements.

If you're reading this, then you're open to the idea of letting go of clutter. There's no time frame or particular way. Trust that a particular process will find its way into your life.