Our Body as a Home

Our bodies are homes. They are where we live. They are contained space. They allow us to feel and experience the world.

Our bodies can also contain clutter. These are things in our body that are not serving us. Sometimes they are the food we put into our bodies that dull us or cause us to be irritated. Or the thoughts that run loose and take over, like worry and fear, that bring distress. Or maybe it's exhaustion from not enough sleep and rest.

The same intuitive feel and questioning that we use when clutter bust our larger homes, we can use with our bodies and minds. One of the red flags is noticing when we suddenly become tense or tired. The clutter radar notices that something is awry in our bodies. We see what comes to mind.

We're not looking for another reason to blame ourselves. We're looking to see what's diminishing us. It's a compassionate look rather than fault finding.

One of my friends told me she realized that going online after nine at night made it hard for her to fall asleep. She changed her online habits and was able to sleep better. Another friend realized when she ate wheat that her energy would drop. She removed wheat from her diet and felt better. But then she went back to eating wheat and felt tired again. Since then she's cut out wheat altogether and feels much stronger.

Clutter are things strewn on our highway. They make it hard for our life to flow. Noticing each thing that obstructs us, whether it's in our bookshelf, closet, an activity, or in our body...and then simple removing this thing from our life, helps our life flow much more easily.


I'll be in New York City August 1-6th, working with clutter busting clients. If you would like to set up a clutter busting session with me, email me at brooks@clutterbusting.com