Our Clutter Radar

You have a clutter radar. It's built in. It's the sense that something in your space is awry. It's the feeling of weakening. You're losing strength in your body and mind. "Something is depleting me."

When your radar goes off, stop and take a look around. Something(s) in your vicinity is hurting you. It's like you open your fridge and smell a bad odor. You look around to find what's gone bad, and when you find it, you throw it out.

It helps to notice that you are diminished in this moment because it adds incentive to find the culprit. We are designed to stop pain. Pain is a warning sign. You know when you find the source of the disturbance, you can get rid of it, and start feeling better.

I was listening to songs on my computer this week when I noticed some songs made me tired. The usual core energy I feel in my chest went away. I felt heavy and stiff like a statue. So I deleted the songs. They didn't fit me anymore. I felt my energy come back.

Our innate vitality is our greatest resource. But we can live amongst so many distractions that we forget our essential nature. Then we start relying on things to give us energy. That energy is short lived and we have to keep acquiring to feel up.

When we start relying on our radar, and notice and let go of what's depleting us, our natural energy comes back. That's where our happiness resides. We're simple creatures.