Taking Care of Myself

After I had pneumonia back in January, I began looking at my life to see what was exhausting and depleting me. I saw that sometimes I ran myself ragged and it's hard to have a good day when I'm fatigued. So I began noticing when I got tired and I took breaks. It increased my enjoyment of the day - Big Time!

I also began spending less time online. Too much time on the internet is like drinking a lot of coffee for me. I get jangly. With my free time, I started reading books again. It had been years since I enjoyed reading books. I went to the library and got a copy of my favorite book, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I had such a great time rereading it. Since then, I've been reading a new book every couple of weeks. It benefits me because it slows things down. Books have a fantastic way of illuminating the details of life poetically.

I've also started listening to Chopin and Beethoven again. They are my two favorite composers. As I listen, I feel like I'm being filled up with something special. They're audible vitamins!

The great thing that I noticed about uncomfortable upheavals in my life, whether it was getting sick, or going through a break up, or losing a job, or anything that hugely disrupted things as they were, is that they were followed by fresh change. The earthquake revealed new and better land.