Welcoming Open Space

We need space for our peace of mind. That means open space in our environment and in our day. The unobstructed space gives us a chance for rest. Otherwise we're like machines that run constantly and eventually break down.

The feeling of lack of open space is experienced as not wanting to go home or feeling out of sorts once we get there. It's also when we feel over-adrenalized and can't do anything to feel to feel okay.

I've been feeling better since I stopped taking my cell phone with me wherever I go. I realized I need times where I'm not reachable. It gives me quiet moments where I get to recharge and touch base.

Everyone is going to have a different definition of what's open space for them. Maybe it's scheduling alone time. Or perhaps it's creating space in your home that's quiet and supportive. Or it could be saying no to something that makes you feel edgy. When you find the supportive space, you feel yourself come alive.