You Never Know

I found out this week that my book, Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back, will soon be translated and for sale in Japan and Italy. That makes five countries outside the US. It's exciting. I like knowing that I'm helping people on other continents. It amazes me that I help people I've never met. I didn't see any of this when I wrote my book. I enjoyed writing it, and I thought it would be read by a small group of people.

I'm learning that I can't predict the future. Sometimes I think certain things I do will take off, and then they flutter and fall. And some things I figure won't go past my imagination, actually take off and go far. I find that my thinking doesn't affect the outcomes. I know there are books out there that say otherwise, but my experience shows me the Universe takes me where it wants me to go.

This insight has helped eliminate a lot of fear from my life. Experience has taught me that one of the minds biggest clutter traps is fear of the future. It's an area where fear foments and cripples the present moment. The fear of what might happen grows, taking on momentum, and soon feels like what will happen. The certainty behind this assumption creates the physical experience of anxiety now. The funny thing I found is, with all that much ado about nothing, something generally happens other than what I'd expected.

So I find I disregard much of the fear of the future, even if it's loud and sounds convincing. I know that I don't know the outcome. This helps me be pleasantly surprised when things turn out well. It also helps lessen the pain when things don't work out like I'd wished.