The Beauty of What's Here

We are powerful without our clutter. There's a vitality and pulse of life that exudes from us when we are free of shackles.

For years we tried to feel and be better through our stuff. We brought people, things, and activities into our life with the promise that we would be happier, well liked and amazing. But we were surprised when we felt worse.

The thing is, we can't live with a lie. Underneath all the pretend ornaments, was the real prize.

It takes getting over the addiction to having things for the sake of an imagined high, to see that it doesn't work. Our needs are very basic and simple.

When we recognize our innate beauty and vitality, we stop trying to cover ourselves up with things that don't actually suit us.

When I see people let go of their clutter, it's like they are getting over being sick. The color returns to their face, their breath is stronger, there's a strength in their voice. When given a chance, the lights get turned on inside rather than outside, and and it's a much more satisfying brilliance.