Freeing Ourselves From Possessions

I was having lunch with someone who read my book. She told me she got excited by the idea of letting go and ventured into a pile of stuff on her desk. She got down to the bottom of the pile and found a pamphlet which made her laugh. It had been there for a few years. She took it out and showed it to me. The pamphlet was titled, "Freeing Ourselves From Possessions."

It's amazing how often clutter busting information is underneath the clutter. Deep down it's hard to let go of clutter, otherwise no one would hold onto the stuff that's no longer a part of their lives.

To start letting go, it takes a profound sense of, "I don't want to live this way anymore!" and "I want to live my life unencumbered by this crap!" and the energy to actually venture into our stuff and question its value in our lives.

It also takes a willingness to sit with the feelings that the stuff brings up in us. These are often strong feelings that we've been ignoring. That initial wave of feelings can be intimidating. But it helps to know they are momentary. They rise up like a wave on the ocean and then dissipate. Once we get past that, our stuff loses its charge and it becomes easier to free ourselves from our possessions.