"I didn't know I had so much stuff!"

It's common that clients are surprised at how much stuff they actually have. As the clutter bust proceeds, more and more stuff is found hidden in drawers, closets, under the bed, in boxes, underneath things and in piles. It's like the clown car at the circus, twenty clowns end up coming out of a tiny car.

We get anesthetized by our clutter and we lose touch. Our awareness is dulled. In the same way vision can get hazy, awareness gets out of focus. We get used to the blur and it becomes normal for us.

That's why I'm kindly relentless with encouragement to dig deeper into your stuff. There's hidden stuff silently wrecking your life.

I worked with a client in her kitchen. I discovered lots of cookware hidden away in her kitchen cupboards and pantry. She didn't think it was a problem and wanted to skip it. So I took everything out of their hiding places. Pots, pans, skillets, and a multitude of various metal and plastic cooking ware ended up covering her entire kitchen and living room floors. She couldn't believe she had that much stuff. She was dazed.

I went through each item and had her question its worth. She let go of about 80% of the stuff. She said "I didn't know I had so much stuff!" She said she was glad to have her kitchen back.