To be happy we require intimacy. That's a safe and private connection with another person, an activity, an environment and with ourselves. To be personally close, nourishes a deep part of us that the majority of things in the world can't give us.

A lot of my clients are tangled up in things that disconnect them, and this makes them sad. When we lose the intimacy, we shut down. There's a flame inside of us that goes out. We get shut off from our intuitive nature. It's like we are driving a car with our eyes closed.

Intimacy can't be manufactured. It has to come from within. It requires us to risk opening up. We need to be open for the connection.

When the distractions go, people naturally gravitate towards openness. I've seen a lot of families and couples at odds with one another become closer when they let go of the excess things that shut them off. People become closer to themselves. They start residing in their hearts.

And as the clutter goes, we begin to have intimacy with our living space. It becomes easier to love where we live.