Morning with the Lizard

This morning I sat out in the back yard with my girlfriend's son's lizard, Fland. I like sitting in the grass with this bearded dragon. There's the grass, trees and sky, and the two of us, just sitting.

My quiet times give me a good day. There are no electronics, phone calls, people, or things to do. I recharge. It feels like I'm a car filling up at the gas station.

I know how easy it is to get sucked up into the fray of stuff all day long. It's intoxicating and exhausting. The adrenalin is easy to live off of. But I feel it gives me a false day. I have a sense of doing a lot but without the fulfillment. Everything improves with quiet times interspersed in my day.

Sometimes it's taking a walk. Or closing my eyes for five minutes and relaxing.

I want to enjoy my day, rather than have my day prove my worth, or access whether or not it's a good day based on what I got done. Blending in peaceful times helps me do this.