Reverse Clutter Bust, Part Two

...and now for the un-starred items. It's clear they aren't in your heart. You're at the all-you-can-eat buffet and these things didn't end up on your plate. You don't care of them.

This is where you get to do yourself a big favor. You begin to collect the unwanted un-starred items and put them in donation and trash bags. It's now easier to let them go because you first focused on the things that make you happy. That left you satisfied, and now the value of these other items has dimmed in your eyes.

As you put the clutter in the bags, occasionally look over at a starred item so you can feel the contrast. It helps to put things in perspective.

I got this clutter busting tip from my girlfriend. She felt it was good for me to remind you of the positive side of clutter busting. In the end, we're learning how to feel good in our homes.