Taking Care of Ourselves

This is about keeping your life fresh. Things go stale. It's a law of nature. Nothing remains the same. So it's our job to notice when things turn. It's being intimately aware of our surroundings.

No one else will do it for us. The great thing is becoming more self-reliant will serve us. It wakes up our built in detectors that know when something needs to go.

When I arrive at a clients' home, they are suffering. They are living amidst things that have gone bad. That influence made them ill. So, I help them turn on their search lights.

Once we're encouraged to take a look and question the value of the things around us, our innate discriminating ability comes to life. A recent client told me, "I feel like I can see again."

We notice and remove what's spoiled. We feel our strength come back. There's nothing more valuable than taking care of ourselves.