Taking a Second Look

We get tricked by things that have been in our homes for a while. We're used to the stuff being there, and we assume they are supposed to be there. My clients often want to over look these things. But I ask them to reconsider.

Recently I was helping a client clutter bust piles of stuff in her bedroom. We came across a container of socks. She wanted to skip over these. So I asked and she told me they were socks without their partners. She'd been collecting them for years. I asked if the missing socks were anywhere to be found. She disappointingly said no.

So I asked if she could let the socks go. I could tell by her response that she hadn't considered this. It was as if she woke up from the situation and realized, "Hey, I don't need these." She tossed the socks. That's the value of questioning our things, it brings in the clarity.