Your Relationship With Your Space

Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with the clutter in our homes, we get angry at our living space. That anger adds to the chaos we are already feeling living amidst the clutter. We can end up resenting where we live.

It helps to remember that your living space is your friend. It takes care of you. Your space is there for you. It wants to support you. It protects you from rain and snow. It gives you privacy from the outside world. Your space keeps you safe while you sleep.

You have a relationship with your home.

This weekend take some time to explore the connection you have with your space. See if you can feel the bond. Try sitting in your home and talking with the space. You can tell your space the frustrations you have with the clutter. And you can also tell your home how you are grateful for what it does for you.

See if your space has something it wants to communicate with you. Your space has presence. Listen to it. You may get some inspiration that will help make your life at home a better place to be.