Affirmations for Home

This is my home. I live in this space. It's mine to do with it as I desire.

The clutter are intruders. Just because they are sitting here doesn't mean this is their home. Things that don't serve me are trespassers. I feel good when I let them go.

People, activities, stuff, situations that don't serve me, hurt me. It's okay for me to start disposing of them.

I feel better when I toss what I no longer love. It frees me up for new and fresh things that I love.

I get energized when I start tossing the things that no longer fit me. I feel like I'm getting my life back.

My clutter radar is on. I can sense when something is no longer fresh for me. I feel the impulse to let it go.

I deserve to have a home that supports me. I begin to sort out the things that are in the way so I can enjoy my home and life.

I trust my ability to know when something has become clutter for me. That gives me the confidence to let it go.

As I let go, I get the feeling that I'm sacred.