Becoming Unencombered

I was talking with a friend this morning who spent the past weekend clutter busting with his wife. He said he found himself wanting to hang onto things that he wasn't using but had strong sentimental value for him. When she suggested he try letting go, he said it felt like there was an actual pull on his heart.

He was embarrassed because he knew that he would never use these things, and he was also aware that their presence bugged him. On some level they felt like trash. But then there was that emotional tugging.

He said what helped him let go was the deeper desire to be unencumbered. He felt tired of living with things that were in the way of his feeling better. "How long can you hang onto something when it's smothering you?" he said."

Some part of all of us hangs onto stuff that's passed its expiration date. It's not a supportive grip, but one fueled by tension and fear. There's a protective anxiety that we might lose something that's essential to us. Deep down we are afraid of losing the feelings we associate with certain special things. But those good feelings are mixed with the hampered, burdened and angsty feelings of living with things that are no longer a part of our lives.

In the end we are looking to feel better. Not what we hope will make us feel better, or what's supposed to make us feel good, but what actually does. Letting go of what's hindering us, helps us come back to the support and energy of right now.