The Clutter Buster In Us

I think there's a clutter buster inside all of us. That's the part of us that senses when something is off in our homes and lives. It's kind of like when you open your fridge and you notice that something doesn't smell right. You look around to find the culprit. And then there's the moldy leftovers from a week ago!

I think what happens is we get the sense that something is off but don't always follow through with the investigation. We sense the problem, but often feel discouraged and give up. When I work with people, I help them wake up the investigative part. My curiosity sparks theirs.

Since you're reading this blog, a part of you senses that something is off in your home. You can be grateful that you have this built in warning system. "Thanks for letting me know!" Built in with that is the curiosity to find the source of the warning.

The detective part of you can now follow the clues. Where do I feel the most out of sorts in my home? What areas do I avoid? In the same way you would notice some tension in your body, you're focusing your attention on, "Where's the tension in my home?" You can even take a walk around your place to see how you feel. Imagine, "If I were considering buying this home, what room would discourage me from making this purchase?"

The detective side of you isn't fueled by blame. It doesn't care how or why this clutter situation occurred. Curiosity is inspired by openness. "Let's figure this out." That's how I feel when I work with people. And because there is a clutter buster in you, it can start to be how you work with yourself.

See where this takes you. Feel free to share your investigation with me.