Clutter clogs us up.

We pull things into our lives, things are pushed into our lives, we find ourselves in the midst of a lot of things and we get inundated. We lose our personal space. We need open personal space to function well. But how can we function well when we're clogged?

We can't.

It's very hard to start to let go, because we've been brainwashed to think that we need all of this stuff to function well. It's as if we feel the key to success is being immersed in the midst of all this stuff.

But it chokes us.

The way to step out of the brainwashing is to look at, "How am I feeling right now? I have all these things in my life, but how am I actually feeling -- beyond my imagined perception of how I should be feeling with this stuff -- how am I actually feeling? How am I breathing? What's my mental state like? Do I have some peace of mind, or do I feel overloaded? Do I feel bloated? Is it hard for me to think straight?'

You're the key to the solution here.

It's your noticing the actual effects of being clogged by your stuff that will help you begin to release it. It's feeling the actual uncomfortableness in your body and your mind, and saying "Enough. This is not for me. I got tricked."

That's how we lessen our grip onto things. And your mind might say, "No. If I get rid of this stuff, I'll have nothing. What if I get rid of something I really need?"

That's the hypnosis talking.

By being intimately reconnected with yourself and noticing what's going on, you'll intuitively let go of what's draining and leaching you, and you'll hang on to what's actually restoring you.

It's in your hands.