Coming Back to Ourselves

We get used to living with the clutter in our lives. It becomes normal to live with the ensuing stress and exhaustion. We often accept and live with our clutter situations because so do a lot of other people. It becomes the norm and often goes unnoticed.

Plus, there are plenty of distractions to take our minds off of the distress. There's the internet, cable, shopping, texting and a lot of other places to turn to. But it takes a lot of energy to avoid feeling pain. Eventually those things become sources of clutter and we run out of places to hide.

If we're lucky, we come back to ourselves. We notice we're tired and frustrated. We feel spent. It was hard on us to live off of the adrenalin. We miss feeling good.

The solution comes in slowing down. Stopping and taking a look around. Noticing what's off. Starting to do what we can to help ourselves naturally feel better.

When I feel stressed, I lay down on my bed. I close my eyes. I catch a ride on my breath. I feel the amps of chaotic energy flowing in my body. I watch movies of emotional soundbites in my mind. Eventually it all subsides and things are quiet again.

Things that take us away from our peace of mind have no place in our lives. We can stop letting our environment dictate our state of mind. We can always slow down and stop and come back to us.


I'll be in New York City August 1-5, working with clutter busting clients. If you are interested, I have a few appointments left. Also, I'm looking for a person in NYC open to hosting a clutter busting workshop in their home. It would be in the evening, last two hours, and there would be a maximum of ten people. You can email me at