Heal Ourselves First

I got an email from someone who wrote, "I feel I am in a crisis situation." She talked about feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in her home and at work. In her panic, she tried taking on too much and wasn't getting anywhere with her clutter situation.

I wrote her back saying that because she was feeling stressed, I would look for ways to treat herself as kindly as she could. When we're stressed, our capacities are greatly diminished. The difficult part is the panic we are feeling is great and we often try to take on too much in order to get some relief.

But when we're stuck in confusion and not knowing where to turn, we're hurt. We often don't want to admit it because it's one more problem to deal with. But we need to heal ourselves first.

Maybe this means getting out of the house and treating yourself to a good meal. What's a nice thing you could do for yourself? I recently got an email from a client who told me she was feeling overwhelmed and treated herself to a massage. She wrote that later on she was able to more clearly able to weed out the clutter she'd previously been stuck in.

It helps to imagine how you would help out a person in a similar situation. How would you help them get to a good place so they are thinking more clearly and intuitively? You can never overvalue the worth of compassion and kindness.