"I have a feeling this is an excuse"

"What do I do with a collage of wedding pictures which includes the man I am no longer married to? I have a feeling you are going to say it's clutter, but I hate to throw away good pictures of myself, and I don't know if my kids would be interested in the pics. (I have a feeling this is an excuse.)"

"Anyway, I also have a wedding dress from the same wedding in 1982. I tried to discard it once before, but didn't have the heart to do it. Do you have any ideas of a good home for it?"

Usually when someone asks me what they should do with something in particular, they are wanting to let it go, but they are looking for permission. That makes sense. When things have some kind of hold over us, there's resistance to questioning their worth. But it's your stuff, and if it's no longer serving you, then it's hurting you in some way, and you're better off letting it go.

Plus, it's good to have pictures of yourself where you are happy about everything in the picture.

It sounds like the time is up for the wedding dress too. There's a part of you that wanted to let the wedding dress go in the past. It was the part of you that wanted to move on and be open to a fresh start. But some things are like vines that cling to and wrap tightly around our hearts. They are suffocating us.

Letting that go could open up your life and lighten the load. You can easily donate the wedding dress to a charity. Someone who's getting married can buy it and save some money. Plus the charity gets money. And you get a part of your life back.

I hope this helps. Trust yourself. I think deep down you have good sensibilities about your things.