It's your space!

The rest of the world you have little or no say about. Thank God!

But here's this environment that belongs to you! This means your home, work space, car and life are yours to do as you wish.

If you've been feeling powerless up till now, it's good to remind yourself that you're in charge. Your word goes.

It may take some waking up to the fact that you get to say yes or no to the things in your space. When I work with clients and start asking them, "Do you like this anymore, or can you let it go?" they are not always sure what to say.

But through the repetition of questioning they get their strength back and become a leader again. You're the leader of your space. That's a powerful place to be! Innately you're a powerful person.

It helps to know that the stuff in your space respects your power. They don't want to be in charge. It goes against their nature. Your stuff is there to serve you, and if they don't, they would rather be somewhere else.

I encourage you to step into your mighty shoes. The world misses you and wants to see you shine again!