To have peace of mind we need to have self-care. This means being able to devote some time to ourselves. This is non-distracted time when we can put our attention on our personal needs.

Clutter interferes with this process. The presence of clutter acts as constant dis-tractors. They pull away and gobble up our valuable attention and awareness. We end up suffering because we lose this powerful source of recharging and renewing energy. We become weakened and it becomes harder to find the energy to clutter bust.

Recognizing what's happening can give us the inspiration to do something about it. When we have a clear picture of how deeply living with clutter hurts us, our protective and compassionate nature can rise up and decide to start removing the culprits.

If you discovered there were rats in your house, you would call the exterminator now. Clearly seeing the effects of clutter can bring a similar response. Though you can be the exterminator. You can get out a trash bag and start a close examination of the things in your home and life and question whether each thing takes care of you or takes away from you. This is a powerful self-care process.