A Trick of the Mind

I was talking on the phone with a client and she said "I'm overwhelmed. I want to get rid of my clutter, but I feel stuck. What should I do?"

I told her that you can be overwhelmed and clutter bust. They can happen at the same time.

In the midst of feeling crappy and and wanting to give up, we can start the clutter busting. The feelings are telling us we can't. But they are a trick of the mind. Those thoughts are caused by living amidst the clutter. They are the side-effects of living with stuff we no longer care about. The antidote is beginning the clutter busting.

When you pick a place and start asking of each thing, "Do I actually need you, or can I let you go?", the feelings of being stuck may still be there, but they will begin to diminish. You're reducing the source of your suffering. As the stuff goes, the heavy anguish goes, and you begin to get yourself back!