You're Special As You Are

Our minds often say, "I need this stuff. I can't let it go. I will be at a loss without these things", while we are suffering living amidst and under the weight of our clutter.

But what is this loss? It's conceptual. We are taught that we need things to accessorize our lives. We believe we become complete and attractive as we bring in and hold on to stuff in our life. It's as if our stuff is inherent with special qualities, like vitamins, that nourish us.

I saw this summed up in an ad yesterday where a musician was trying to record a song in a studio but was having a difficult time. Out of nowhere, a Sprite appears in his hand. He opens the lid and drinks the soda. Suddenly his body separates and shiny metallic power pistons appear in his tissues, making him mighty and invincible. His body closes back up and he jumps into the song.

The world has a way of telling us were not enough. That there is something wrong with us. And that we need things (money, products, people, prestige, smarts) to feel and be better.

But the thing is, we're okay now. We're great as we are. Basically we are amazing.

I regularly see people let go of their clutter and shine again. They start functioning properly unadulterated, without all of their junk. They are no longer hindered by all the promises of being better. Their uniqueness comes out. They are special as they are.