Avoid Stepping in the News

The newscasters reported that the sky was falling.

I looked out my window and up at the sky and said, "Is everything okay?"

The sky said, "I'm not going anywhere."


It can be difficult to not get pulled in by the clutter of the news industry. Especially since the USA had its financial rating downgraded. "AArmageddon!" The news has a way of imagining an impending doom about almost whatever is currently happening. Listening to the news regularly can be like living with a neurotic person.

The thing is, many people take in and are affected by the news, and a sense of panic spreads and becomes part of the culture. It creates a sticky neurosis that you have to consciously avoid becoming part of.

To avoid getting stuck in the fantasy fear based panic, it helps to remember that how people react to events is their opinion, not a fact of what's actually happening. The world may be reported to be crumbling, but take a look around and see what's actually happening. There's peace in what is. The matter-of-factness of people going about their day is grounding.