Cling Free

Someone shared with me a quote by Italian artist Francesco Clemente. "If you cling, it's over. It's important to let the narrative of life unfold without clinging, without attachment, without making it die on you."

This beautifully conveys the feeling of flow that comes with letting go of what you no longer love. Flowing is a re-learned skill. When we were babies, everything was new to us. We were fascinated by the movement of our fingers, by the light coming through the window. We were enthralled by sounds and people's faces.

But then we learned to hold on. We learned to see ourselves as separate from everything else. Things became, "Mine!" We learned to lose our temper when things didn't go our way. Over the years, we lost the flow and became entrenched in our things, and how we thought the world should be.

But there's a point where holding on no longer feeds us. When clinging becomes more painful then we can bear. That's when we start to loosen our grip. Freedom and peace of mind become more attractive.

Since you're reading this, a part of you must be feeling this way. I like to think of clutter busting as permission for all of us to say no to the ways of clinging. With a little encouragement, we can start to fall in love with flow again.

(The painting at the top of this post is by Francesco Clemente.)