Clutter Camouflaged as Order

Yesterday's client showed me a stuffed closet that she wanted to work on first. I had a feeling to start work on the bookcase just outside the closet instead. She wondered why because she thought the bookcase was uncluttered.

But then it turned out that the majority of what was in the bookcase was no longer important to her. There were plenty of out of date computer manuals, and other books, cassettes and CDs she was no longer interested in.

Afterwards she said, "I was thinking, 'why would you want to clutter bust the bookshelf?' It seems orderly. There's not enough to deal with. But then 3/4s of it went."

Often what we think of as clutter are just the things that are in a crazy jumbled pile or stack. But just because somethings looks good doesn't mean they're not clutter suspects. We can never be sure till they've been questioned.