I'm Making Space for Myself

While I was helping one of my clients dismantle her clutter, she had a moment of clarity and said, "I'm making space for myself."

Often times it feels like people in their homes are just one more object. They've placed themselves at the same value as a fork, a piece of junk mail, a sock. They become lost in the sea of their stuff.

I think that comes from being overwhelmed. We shut down when there's too much going on. It becomes hard to stand up for ourselves.

But I like to keep coming back to, "It's your place. You get to make the choices. Nothing is more important than you. It's all there to serve you, or it has no place, and you get to remove it."

Right now you can reassess the things in your home. You can look around and start to pick out the things that don't suit you. You can let go of what you don't love. Then you start to make space for something you do love, which is yourself.