The Napkin Family Comes Alive!

Day Three: Vision Quest in Brazil

The sidewalks in Curitiba are all hand made. They were put together creatively with individual colored stones. Each street has different sidewalk patterns. They are uneven and unique. It's impossible for me to not look down in awe while walking.

I love this feeling of an environment that is alive. It reminds me of what I most like about clutter busting. When my clients remove what they no longer care for, they bring their homes back to life, and themselves along with it. There's something amazing about a place where what's in it is loved and cherished.

I got a beautiful email from one of my clients that I wrote about in a recent blog post. She's the one whose kitchen was so filled with papers, books and stuff, that there was no space for her to prepare food and feed herself. Here's a link to the blog post in case you didn't read it: Kitchen Clutter Bust. She began to remove the clutter and felt her space and herself come back to life.

She wrote: "Clean kitchen counter leads to farmers' market treasures here on a Saturday. I have room to shuck corn in my kitchen/office now that the kitchen is not overwhelmed by the office part. Who knew? And how cool."

She sent this photo:

I love this picture because it feels so alive to me. The vegetables look like they're life itself. I can imagine her eating them and loving her life!

Finally, I want to share a beautiful experience I had last night. I was at a dinner for my girlfriend's conference. I was bored by the keynote speaker, and feeling restless. Suddenly, I noticed the paper wrappers under chocolates placed on the table. My creativity light went on.

I removed the papers and drew different faces on each of them. The woman next to me got equally inspired and made bodies for these faces out of dinner napkins. We put them together and formed a napkin family.

I was so happy! Like in a clutter bust, I took something I wasn't enjoying and didn't care for, and turned the situation toward something I did love.