Vision Quest in Brazil

I'm on a Vision Quest in Curitiba, Brazil. I'm not working. I'm just writing and staying open to the things I come upon by foot or mind.

Here are some things I saw that I wanted to share with you.

When I was at the entrance gate to get on the plane, I saw a stand that had a blue arrow pointing to the left which said, "General Boarding" and a red arrow pointing to the right which said "Priority Access." They both led to the same place. Neither the actual right side of the stand nor left the left side was any better than the other. Sure, if you somehow got Priority Access, you got to get on the plane first, but then you had to sit around and wait for everyone else to get on before the plane took off. I thought it's funny how some things get sold as being better for you, they make you think that your life is getting enhanced, that in some way, they'll make you better. But they are essentially like everything else.

When I was in the plane looking down at Brazil, I was enthralled by the amazing clouds. I thought, "Clouds reduce my thinking." I love looking down on them. The sun gives them a great shine that you can't see from the ground and they look a lot like wildly shaped popcorn. For a moment, I got distracted by the TV on the back of the chair in front of me. The TV told me I had the choice of ten movies to watch. I tried watching one, but the super tiny screen and crappy sound make me upset. So I shut it off and went back to the reliable clouds.