You and Your Companions

The people, things and situations in our lives are our companions. They accompany us. They can be so intimately connected that we think of them as part of us.

Take a moment and feel the companions around you. Sense their presence. Notice their place in your life.

See if you can notice how some of these things bolster you. They keep you open and aware. They make you feel good about yourself and your day.

See if you can notice how other things seem out of place. Maybe you sense they are dragging you down. They may be inspiring fear and worry.

Sometimes we assume certain of the things in our lives are good companions, but upon introspection we see they are not on our side. Initially it may be hard to let them go because a part of us is invested in the relationship we have with this thing. It feels like a part of us. But the clearer we see how this particular bond hurts, we begin to know it's time for it to go.

Essentially you're looking to see what you like having around you, and what you don't. It's your home and your life. You get to choose your companions.