Finding Clutter in Our Hearts

Clutter is often tucked away and unseen.

Hidden in a bookshelf. Buried under things in a drawer. Squished between other things in a closet. Cloistered in a folder in a filing cabinet. Tucked away in an email folder.

Sometimes clutter are old memories or feelings hiding in our hearts.

I woke up this morning remembering some old difficult relationships. I felt sadness. But deeper still was some pain. I sensed this was my heart trying to hold on to the relationships through the memories. The relationships were long gone. But a part of me was hanging on because it gave me a feeling those relationships still existed.

Rather than try to keep holding on, it felt so much easier to let go. The tension in my heart gave way, and the feelings came through bold and clear with the power of finality. It felt like I was at a funeral. I got to say goodbye. I felt a great openness in my heart.

My experience teaches me compassion is the key to letting go. Everything gets better when I take care of myself.