What is freedom?

It's the sense that I'm okay as I am. I don't need anything to make me better.

Maybe I feel pressure to have or be certain things that others tell me I need to be okay. But I've tried that and it makes me tired, frustrated and sad.

There's a freedom that comes when you realize you can't escape your nature. Along with the recognition of why would you want to.

When you're in your nature, you don't try to force things on that don't fit. You say as the great sage Popeye said, "I yam what I yam!"

There's a fear that if I don't try and be a "better me", I'll end up in a state of social and spiritual ruin. I'll give up and fall apart.

But actually, the opposite happens.

When we follow our innate ways, we're happy. We flourish in our happiness.

Happiness is basic. It doesn't need alterations and additions to be gained. It comes from within when we stop trying to be something other than we are.

I encourage the questioning of everything in your life, "Do I love this or can I let it go?" so that you can root out those things you're hanging on to that were supposed to make you happy or better, the things that don't fit your nature.

Unobscured, we are amazing!