A while back I tried dyeing my hair. I was excited because I figured it would make me look younger. That seemed like a desirable thing at the time. But then my hair turned an orangey red. In some ways it was kind of punk. But I don't have the punk look. So mostly it was embarrassing.

Now I have gray and brown hair and I like it.

I used to own some suits. Suits are bizarre things to me because I'm allergic to wool and I hate wearing ties. But I wore both anyway to some jobs long ago. Then I stopped doing those jobs. But the suits hung around for a while. They cost a lot of money, and I was raised thinking a suit was essential. They felt like bullies in my closet.

Now I have no suits, dress shirts or ties. I just own clothes I like to wear.

When I was twenty I learned to meditate. I liked meditating. I even went to a school where the students and faculty meditated. But when I graduated, the joy of meditating fell away. I tried to continue meditation because I thought it would be good for me. But then I'd sit in meditation and feel angry. Now it seems like a funny image. "Ommm-Argggh!" But back then it made me miserable. One of my friends pointed out how it was making me less fun to be with. I took an honest look and I tossed out my mantra.

Now I enjoy moments of peace when they show up naturally on their own.

A lot of clutter busting seems to be noticing when something feels awry. Kind of like being aware that you have a stone in your shoe.


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I'll be driving from Chicago to Southern California for the winter. If you live in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, or Colorado and are interested in setting up a clutter busting session with me while I'm on the road, let me know. Also, I am hoping to do a few clutter busting workshops while I'm on the road; if you would like to set up a clutter busting workshop with me, please let me know. They are informal and are often held in people's living rooms.

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