It's All in the Doing

The best way to clutter bust is to begin. Preparation, needing to feel ready, waiting till it feels right are the resistance. What works is to start.

That's because there is an intelligence inherent in the process. There's an energy there that guides the process. It's there when we are there because it's in us.

That may sound too simple. But that's because our mind likes to be in charge of everything. It feels if it's not fully involved, chaos will reign. But the need to over plan, for things to be perfect, to control, creates delays and becomes clutter itself.

I worked with a phone client last week who was feeling uncertain that we would get very much done. But we hit the ground running right from the start. She began tossing immediately. And the letting go happened consistently throughout the phone call. She startled herself that it was so easy for her to say no to things that were no longer a part of her life. She was shocked at how much she let go. I told her it happened because she started.