Moving With the Momentum of What Takes Care of Us

Clutter busting is about taking care of ourselves. It's tending to our needs. What we need is constantly changing. Sometimes our personal meters are set to past needs. What used to take care of us, doesn't anymore. We can be invested in trying to maintain it because it once helped. But now we are different and it doesn't.

Four years ago I moved to Evanston, IL from Los Angeles, CA. LA no longer served me. It was difficult to say goodbye. So I leaned on the support I was getting to leave. The drive across the USA felt like a powerful tunnel, carrying me in its momentum stream.

Evanston has taken very good care of me. It gave me a great girlfriend, and time with my sister and her family, and it was the birthplace of my book and blogs. But last winter I got pneumonia and this made my allergy sensitive lungs much more sensitive. I realized my current home wouldn't support me through another winter here.

I decided around November, for five or six months it would be best for me to move to the southwest. I'm still working on the details of where. Somewhere in Arizona, New Mexico or Southern California.

It's hard to let go of my life here. At the same time I feel the support of the move to a warmer climate. My girlfriend will come and visit me. I'll be happier in a warmer and drier home. I'll be helping a brand new group of people let go of their clutter. I'll get to spend more nature time outside.

It's helping me again to lean and move with the momentum of what takes care of me.


As a side note, I might try and set up some clutter busting workshops in my drive across the USA. Also while on my way, I might stop and work with some individuals. If you are interested in working with me, or in helping set up a workshop, and you live close to the path from Chicago to the southwest, email me at